The Healing Power of Dreams - Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier

Dream Work as Integrative Medicine

The Healing Power of Dreams began as a project supported by The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) to bring dream work into cancer facilities across the country. In 2005 and 2006, Wendy Pannier and Tallulah Lyons received grants from the Lloyd Symington Foundation and the H.M. Bitner Charitable Trust to develop guidelines and materials for a workshop and ongoing dream groups. With other dream facilitators from IASD, they have presented workshops in over a dozen states and have conducted ongoing dream groups in seven locations.

Dreams and nightmares stir up emotions, perceptions, attitudes and patterns of behavior that need conscious attention. Dreams spotlight fears and conflicts — and offer imagery and energy for moving through to achieve one’s deepest hopes. Working primarily with cancer survivors, we have offered techniques for using dream imagery to positively impact both quality of life and the immune system. Our approach is grounded in basic dream-work methods and integrates these with time-tested relaxation and guided imagery practices. Using dream imagery through a variety of meditative activities is a way to transform nightmare experiences and to integrate healing imagery into waking life. In the process, one can discover the many levels on which dreams heal!

Today, as dream work with cancer patients continues, more and more dedicated professionals are bringing dream work into additional aspects of healthcare. Facilitators on this website represent a growing variety of healthcare arenas. We hope to become a supportive resource and network for all who facilitate dreams as integrative medicine - and to anyone who is facing illness or crisis.


Listen to Wendy Pannier and Tallulah Lyons on
The Healing Wisdom of Dreams
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Highlighted Book of the Month

Dream Explorations: A Journey in Self-Knowledge and

by Rachel G. Norment, M.A.

We all have within us a deep inner wisdom that we can discover through dreamwork using contemporary methods inspired by Carl Jung and developed by Montague Ullman, Jeremy Taylor, Robert Hoss, and many others.

Using series of her own dreams and some from other family members, Rachel illustrates in Dream Explorations how personal dreamwork can be a source of inspiration, transformation, and guidance towards physical and psychological health and wholeness and spiritual growth—towards becoming the person you are meant to become. The chapters are arranged by themes, including a special one on Healing Through Dreamwork.  Read more about Rachel Norment here


Dreams and Guided Imagery by Tallulah Lyons M.ED.
Dreams and Guided Imagery
by: Tallulah Lyons
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Haden Summer Dream Conference
May 28- June 3, 2016
Hendersonville, NC

Tallulah Lyons -
One of 12 Keynote presentations:
      Dreams as a Keystone for Healing Practices

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Tallulah Lyons
talks with Lea Bayles, Program Director for Imagery International, about her extensive lifetime exploration with dreams and imagery. 

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IASD Annual Dream Conference
Rolduc, Kerkrade
June 24-28, 2016

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