The Healing Power of Dreams - Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier

The single most important conclusion I have come to in my work is that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness.  ~Jeremy Taylor

About the Healing Power of Dreams Project

The primary goal of the IASD Dream Work Project has been to use a universal phenomenon — dreaming — to help balance the mind/body/spirit connection for cancer patients. Our project-specific goals have been to teach basic dream work techniques and to help participants integrate the healing imagery that evolves through ongoing dream work - particularly relaxation/guided imagery approaches.

Today, we are committed to expanding the healing power of dreams into additional areas of integrative healthcare. Dedicated dream-work facilitators are bringing their varied experiences and training to the project.

We join together:

  •  To share resources

  • To support one another

  • To consult with health care professionals who are interested in our goals

  • To encourage research with dream work in healthcare settings

  • To offer resources to anyone facing illness or crisis.



Major Findings With Cancer Survivors, 2004 – 2012

PDF of Findings

Survey Findings with Cancer Survivors 2004-2011
The assessment tool used with cancer survivors and caregivers in ongoing dream groups elicited responses to a series of quality of life issues. The following are findings through 2011. Consistently the surveys showed:

Assessment Results

  • Decreased feelings of anxiety and stress

  • Increased sense of connection with others

  • Increased sense of connection to inner resources

  • Increased understanding of healing at multiple levels

  • Increased sense of quality of life - particularly emotional, social, and spiritual

  • Increased feelings of confidence and control over life and health issues

  • Increased feelings of hope

  • Increased understanding of how to live fully now, despite cancer


In addition, we have been using outcome assessments, which track the movement of dream imagery from negative to positive.  Evolving dream imagery corresponds to the transformation of emotions and attitudes, and in turn positively impacts the immune system.

Dreamers can use these transformed images as personal “medicine” any time they choose. Through relaxing and imagining the impact of the energy on the body, mind and spirit, the dreamer can become a full participant in the healing process.

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